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beroNet - World's First Cloud Managed and Monitored VoIP Gateways And Appliances

22 Apr 2014

beroNet GmbH, Europe’s leading manufacturer of ISDN, Analog, Hybrid and Fixed GSM VoIP Gateways and PCI / PCIe Cards, proudly presents beroNet Cloud, the world’s first SaaS Cloud based Solution that empowers it's rapidly growing base of Solution Providers and Carriers to manage their installed base of beroNet devices through any web browser.  Citește tot articolul

Configure Cisco - Linksys PAP-2T adapter for the Voice Online service

10 Aug 2012

In order to use the "Voce Online" service (provided by Romtelecom) with an analog telephone, a SIP telephone adapter is required. Our SIP adapter of choice was Cisco Linsksys PAP-2T.  Citește tot articolul

Skype account setup on Grandstream GXV3140

09 Aug 2012

In the following article we shall present the necessary steps to setup a Skype account on a Grandstream GXV3140 videophone. This is so far the only model from Grandstream that supports  Skype audio/video calls.  Citește tot articolul

How to configure Sangoma's USBfxo adapter

07 Aug 2012

This short tutorial describes the necessary steps to install and setup the Sangoma USBfxo adapter on an Asterisk server.
The USB adapter is very useful when FXO ports are needed on systems where the installation of analog internal cards is not possible: for example, when there are no free PCI or PCI Express slots on the system’s motherboard or when the system's case cannot be opened without losing the supplier’s warranty.  Citește tot articolul

PCI or PCI Express

07 Aug 2012

A common issue raised while setting up a PBX server is the compatibility between the VoIP card connector and the connectors (slots) available on the server’s motherboard.
Motherboards usually have PCI slots and more recently PCI Express (PCI-E) slots. Each slot is labeled on the motherboard (PCI1, PCI2, PCIE-1, etc). PCI Express slots (as well as PCI slots) are available on most motherboards recently produced. The tendency is to gradually replace the PCI slots with PCI Express slots.  Citește tot articolul

Trixbox 2.6: Asterisk version update

03 Aug 2012

This article describes the steps required to upgrade the Asterisk (1.4.22) version (part of the Trixbox distribution) to the latest Asterisk 1.4 version. Since Trixbox no longer provides updates for Asterisk platform, the operation has to be done manually.  Citește tot articolul

How to use an analog telephone with Asterisk

03 Aug 2012

As we already know, we can connect VoIP telephones or softphones to an Asterisk server in order to make phone calls over the internet. But what if we want to make calls over the internet using a desk/home phone connected to a classic telephone line (PSTN – such as Romtelecom)? To accomplish that we need a telephone adapter (ATA) or an analog card, which links the digital network (Asterisk) with the analog network (analog telephone line). More information on how to connect an analog line to an Asterisk server can be found in the article "About VoIP".  Citește tot articolul

Determine the maximum capacity of an Asterisk PBX

30 Jul 2012

Sometimes, determining of the maximum processing capacity of an Asterisk server is a mandatory requirement. In most cases, the maximum processing capacity signifies the maximum number of calls that a certain server (in a specific hardware and software configuration) can support. A generally applicable formula to compute processing capacity cannot be used because X86 servers available on the market differ vastly, both in hardware and software. VoIP proprietary PBXes usually provide maximum capacity, computed based on the installed hardware resources, thus having a competitive advantage as compared to open-source Asterisk servers.  Citește tot articolul

About VoIP - What does SIP mean?

28 Jul 2012

In the third part of “About VoIP” we shall discuss about one of the most used protocols in the world of VoIP. We shall briefly describe the steps required for a successful registration and how a SIP call works between two internal extensions.  Citește tot articolul

The transfer of a calls from SIP telephones

27 Jul 2012

Update 2012: the models presented in this tutorial have been swapped with the new 67xxi models. Citește tot articolul