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Tenora is a Modulo Consulting business line which delivers VoIP equipment and phones, as well as consultancy and integration services for complete VoIP solutions. Tenora is an experienced player on the VoIP market, with a strong record of successful implementations for companies from different business areas and with various sizes, from several employees to complex organizations with hundreds of people.

Why VoIP Tenora solutions?

Tenora delivers complete VoIP communication solutions providing all the features a company might look for while trying to offer better and cost effective services and products to its customers.

PBX Solutions

Irrespective of their size, more and more companies are looking for VoIP bases solutions to address their voice or video communication needs. This is a direct consequence of the advantages such solutions provide over traditional ones (analogic or digital), leading to time and resources savings and increased efficiency of internal business processes. And this is the way to follow towards business growth and better profitability.


Solution Benefits

The PBX is fully based on Open Source software (Linux operating system, Asterisk software, FreePBX interface), with the following benefits:

The PBX can be installed on a hardware provided by us or, alternatively, the installation can be made on a hardware system provided by the customer. If necessary, specific equipment is added: voice cards or VoIP gateways that ensure the connectivity with analog lines (FXO ports for PSTN), analog telephones (FXS ports) or digital lines (ISDN BRI or E1, supporting up to 2 and respectively 30 simultaneous calls). Optionally, other software applications can be installed on top (Open Source and/or commercial), resulting in a versatile solution covering very diverse functional requirements.

These are some high level examples of hardware resources required to cover the functionalities of a VoIP based PBX:

Solution Extensions Concurrent calls
Processor RAM Case
Small office
up to 10 max 4
1 core @ 2Ghz
1 Gb desktop/wall-mounted
Medium office
up to 30
max 10
1 core @ 3Ghz
1 Gb desktop/wall-mounted
Branch up to 200
max 50
2 core @ 3Ghz
2 Gb rack
Company up to 1000
max 400
4 core @ 3Ghz
4 Gb rack
For any additional information or assistance in implementing such a solution, don't hesitate to contact us.